About Us

Welcome to Verdier Eye Center

Since 1984, Verdier Eye Center has been a center of excellence for the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of eye disease.

Verdier Eye Center strives to be the premier ophthalmology practice dedicated to preserving and enhancing the gift of vision, inspiring our patients, staff and community though compassionate care.

We specialize in anterior segment eye conditions, front layers of the eye

Our doctors and staff have helped thousands enjoy better vision and eye health. Our patients are referred by other doctors for complex eye conditions requiring care by a specialist.

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At Verdier Eye Center, exceptional patient care isn't just a promise - it's our foundation

We are one of the leading eye care centers in the Midwest, and we strive to be one of the nation's premier ophthalmology practices, equipped with the most advanced technology and driven by unwavering dedication to your vision.

Our Doctors

We provide specialized eye care of the highest quality

Our professionally trained staff provides careful and friendly guidance before, during, and after any diagnostic tests so that our patients remain as comfortable as possible.

Advanced Technology

The diagnostic, surgical, and laser equipment available at Verdier Eye Center represents the highest standards

Our equipment helps our doctors diagnose and treat many eye conditions with expertise.

Verdier Eye Center is committed to state-of-the-art medical, surgical, and laser techniques, from cataract surgery to glaucoma surgery and corneal transplantation.

Our Culture

Every member of Verdier Eye Center is dedicated to providing excellent patient care. We pledge to give all patients the most advanced and innovative eye care services, refined by our experience and good judgment.

Each patient has our commitment to the highest quality medical, surgical, and laser services for their individual needs. We work to continually update our state-of-the-art eye care center with the latest advances in medical, diagnostic, and surgical technology.